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Nilonkangas School

The Nilonkangas School is a school for primary and lower secondary education with the classes 1–6. Also premises for three pre-primary school groups are situated in the same building. 

The school is located in the built-up area of Kuusamo in a natural location. The school yard offers a view of the swamp and forest nature in Kuusamo. Outdoor physical activity routes and sports venues are in the immediate vicinity of the school and available to schoolchildren. 

There are about 300 children of the primary and lower secondary education age and about 50 of the pre-primary education age. The number of personnel is 40. 

The primary and lower secondary education within the school has been organised with teams. In the year class teams, there are working parallel year classes and parallel classes. Work input in the team is provided by 4–5 class teachers, a language teacher, a special class teacher and 1–3 special needs assistants. About 40 children participate in the before-school and after-school activities arranged by the school. 

Building of the new school has began on the plot in the spring of 2021 and moving into the new school will take place in December 2022 at the earliest. The current school building has been built in 1966 and the extension of the north end of the building has been introduced in 1972. The school has been renovated in 1990s and as to the gymnasium in 2015. Based on the extensive assessment of condition, the town council made a decision in December 2018 on building a new school for primary and lower secondary education in the area of Nilonkangas.