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Ruka Underground Parking Garage

The Town maintained parking garage has parking space for 320 vehicles. Access for vehicles 24/7 uninterrupted parking all year round. Free entry on foot between 7:00 and 22:00 and on Friday 7:00-24:00.

Parking rates and payment

  • €1.50/hour and  €15/day
  • Payment options cash, Visa, EuroCard or MasterCard
  • The pay stations in both stairways
  • Charge for a lost parking ticket €50

Maximum clearance

  •  2.4 m (high enough for a tall car with a ski box).
  • Please note! Trailers are not allowed in the parking garage.
  • Other restrictions, see the notices at the entrance of the parking garage.
    • vehicle ramps in Rukatunturintie and Rukankyläntie.
    • pedestrian entry and exit Stairways P1 (Shopping Mall) and P2 (Ski slopes) and Rukankyläntie entrance.
    • at nighttime pedestrian access limited to ticket holders, only: entry by ticket only, in stairway P1 (Shopping Mall) and P2 (Ski slopes)
  • For long-term parking with free entry and exit, you can determine the preferred parking period.

    If you buy a long-term ticket, you can enter and exit the parking garage as you like during your holiday. You determine the length of your car park access on entry and pay for the whole parking period in advance. The fee for a long-term ticket is €15/day.

    • Drive into the parking garage, pick up a ticket at a ticket dispenser and go to the pay station to determine your parking period and pay for a long-term parking ticket.

    To buy a long-term ticket, follow these steps:

    1. Press the button for long-term parking by the cashier display.
    2. Enter your ticket to the machine.
    3. Press the button for long-term parking
    4. Choose the preferred number of days for parking by using the buttons next to the display. The press the button to confirm your choice.
    5. Pay for your long-term ticket (€15/day), you will get a receipt for your payment by pressing the receipt button (kuitti in Finnish) by the display.
    6. The ticket and receipt will be printed out into the compartment at the bottom of the machine.
    7. Insert your ticket into the machine to enter and exit the parking garage. Do not press the button when at the barricade.
  • There are five electric vehicle charging stations in Ruka Village parking garage

    • Charging rate is €0.19/kWh.
    • Parking fee (€1.5/h or €15/day) has to be paid before charging the vehicle.