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Take Part and Make Your Mark

You can join in and contribute to the Kuusamo Town activities in many different ways.

You can follow the preparatory work on decision-making in the electronic publication system for the agendas and actively keep in touch with civil servants and elected officials of the town. Public discourse to justify opinions is also a traditional way of having your say in matters covering common interests.

You can read about the decisions made by the town on the online records system, or by watch the videoed town council meetings live.

Agendas, records and similar documents are published only in Finnish.

Local Elections

Local elections determine the line of decisions – and you can influence in other ways too. Decision-making in Kuusamo is based on the will of the council elected by general elections. The council is elected in spring for a four-year term of office. Town board and four committees in different remits are nominated by the local council for their term of office. The council designates also the mayor, who is subordinate to the town board.

Find your own channels for influencing provides up-to-date information about how matters are prepared at the local, national and EU level. Follow the preparation and have your say!