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The Ruka School is a comprehensive school for 0–9th classes located in the middle of nature, in the armpit of the fell Rukatunturi.

The school works closely together with companies in the region concerning entrepreneurship educationThe school is well-known for the musical play Christmas Bird (Joululintu) put on at the Ruka Stadium at the end of the autumn term. In addition to the school population, parent(s) or other person(s) who has/have custody of a student along with the local companies participate in the implementation of this musical play. 

In its procedures, the Ruka School pays particular attention to anti-bullying and the school is too a resource school against anti-bullying (KiVa) under the Ministry of Education. 

Ruka School is located right at the foot of Rukatunturi. There is a snowy landscape and a school in this picture. In the background, the lights on the ski lifts.
Ruka School is located about 27 kilometres from the centre of Kuusamo, right next to Rukatunturi.