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The Nilo School is the largest school for primary and lower secondary education (classes 7–9) in the Koillismaa with pupils more than 400 and with personnel of about 50. 

Various events alleviate the school toil. The school organises theme days, evening and night schools. Participation groups do important work in the school for a good atmosphere and for community. In the Nilo School, education is provided course-based. The school year is divided into four periods, due to which the work plan changes about every 9 weeks.

In the school, four different groups of studentsa student association, support students, peer conciliators and sports tutors are working actively in the school. The student association includes common activities taking place within the school. The student association includes all students and it is led by a board elected by the students. The support students are working especially with the 7th classes. They hold lessons to their own, specifically named classes, arrange common doings and provide peer support to the students in the 7th classesThe peer conciliators are involved in solving everyday problematic situations of the school. This activity is solution-based and respects others. 

The sports tutors arrange physical activities, for example during breaks and in the evening schools. By doing physical activities sitting is reduced and the joy of exercise is enhanced among the students.

If the student needs support for studying, he/she can, for example, be provided with remedial teaching and support by a special needs assistant and a special needs teacher.

There are flexible education arrangements related to languages and mathematicsUnfinished schoolwork can be done in a place specially arranged for that purpose (läksyparkki). In the school, there is also an opportunity to study in a class for flexible basic education (JOPO), where there is alternation between studying and getting to know working life. A teacher can take into account the student’s need for support in different assignments, oral exams and in other different ways. The aim is to get a student excited at learning and working in a group with other students.