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The Käylä School is located in the armpit of the river Kitkajoki. The name ‘Käylä’ comes from the Sami language and refers to a bend or a curve.

The Käylä School is a small and cosy learning environment in the heart of pure natureThe school building is a relatively new village school, which is built and expanded in the early 1990sThe school differs in architecture from the traditional village school in Kuusamo. It is very explicit and detailed in its layout – no dark labyrinthine corridors, but bright and straight corridors full of happy and wonderful pupils and personnel

In the school building, there are four class rooms, a cosy space for pre-primary education, a bright lobby/dining area along with a full-size gymnasium with its stand

In the school yard, there is a ball area and playground. In the immediate vicinity of the school, there is also a sawdust jogging track, which serves in winter as a lighted ski track. In addition, a sports field and an ice-skating rink can be found nearby. The school works in close interaction with the village communityso the atmosphere is like the one in a traditional village school. The school emphasises technology and entrepreneurship education.

The Käylä School is part of the Ruka single-structure school for primary and lower secondary educationEducation is provided in multi-grade classes 0–2, 3–4 and 5–6. In the school, there are pupils in the classes 0–6. 

From the town centre it is about 46 kilometres to the Käylä village by the river Kitkajoki. Along the way you can observe the rugged scenery of the Northern Kuusamo.