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Nissinvaara School

The Nissinvaara Village School is located very close to the Kuusamo town centre. The Nissinvaara Village is about 12 kilometres from the Kuusamo town centre towards Ruka. Our school is located near the trunk way 5 well connected to the centre. 

There are diverse things to do at the school during breaks: a sports field, climbing frames/playground equipment and playgrounds at the edge of the forestSki tracks are available from the school yard and in the field you can ice-skate on the artificial ice outdoors. In the schoolyard, you can explore and feel the history of the old school when looking more closely at the old buildings in the courtyard.

At the Nissinvaara School, we study in multi-grade classes: 1st–2nd class, 3rd–4th class and 5th–6th class. There are working three teachers and a peripatetic special needs teacher in our school. Our school provides break, peer conciliation (Verso) and school representatives (KEDU) activities in which schoolchildren can participate. After having completed the school for primary and lower secondary education the schoolchildren of Nissinvaara head to study to the Ruka School for primary and lower secondary education.