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Tolpanniemi School

The Tolpanniemi School has about 100 pupils providing primary and lower secondary education for classes 1st–6th. Our school is located in the Tolpanniemi residential area, about three kilometres southeast from the town centre of Kuusamo. The Tolpanniemi pre-primary school is located right next to, on the other side of the road Santeri-Ivalontie. In addition to the Tolpanniemi area, the student association in our school consists of pupils from the areas of Kuolio and Western Kuusamo. 

A refreshing and exhilarating school yard with arenas, swings and climbing frames provide a great environment for studying. For outdoor physical activities there is a fir forest lining the school and the whole nearby nature with its ice-skating areas, jogging paths and ski trails. 

Peer conciliation has been strongly involved in our school activities for years. The peer conciliators (Verso), the oldest pupils of the school trained especially for this task, conciliate conflicts between pupils conscientiously and successfully. 

Tolpanniemen koulun oppilaita seisoo suuren lumipenkan päällä.