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The Salpalinja fort trail

The Salpalinja fort trail – The Salpa Line – presents phases and equipment of log transfer works in the 1920s (in operation from 1923 to 1929) and memories of defence work in the war years of 1941-1944.

  • war time defence posts (communication trenches, saps and firing trenches, collapsed machine gun posts and exploded concrete bunkers),
  • built during the Continuation War (in 1942-1944) by German troops; there are also field rails (built in 1940-1941)

The Lahtela-Vanttaja trail is 4.5 km long taking hikers from Lahtela to Vanttajajärvi. There are 16 information boards along the trail in Finnish, English and German

  • Driving instructions: From the centre of Kuusamo, take Kajaanintie (5) Road and drive south for about 6 km, then turn left to Lämsänkyläntie Road for about 6 km