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Kouvervaara Trail

Kouvervaara Trail (43 km) is a so-called one way route between Oivanki Youth and Wildlife Tourist Centre, Naatikkavaara-Kouvervaara area and Tapiolanranta, south of Kesäjärvi in Ruka.


  • Könkäänniemi hut
  • Kouvervaara hut
  • Kouverpuro lean-to

Excellent for different types of cycling disciplines, also for trail running

The trail combines gravel road cycling (approximately 25 km) and mountain biking (approximately 18 km) to one awesome cycling experience. The trail is excellent for hiking and trail running, too.

Naatikkavaara-Kouvervaara area with its elevations make the trail rather demanding in places. To cycle through the trail, you have to have basic mountainbiking skills and we recommend you use a mountain bike (of your preference).