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Kuusamojärvi Canoeing Route

Kuusamojärvi canoeing route provides multiple opportunities for paddling on the lake.  You can have a long canoeing trip or take short day trips. In addition to Lahdentaus, also Rantasalmi, Lahtela, Tolpannimi marina and Kelaranta are excellent spots for berthing. You can easily plan your self-guided trips from these places, making use of the route suggestions and the distances given.

From Kirkkosaari to Raatesalmi

The first leg of 8.6 kilometres goes through Pikku Vihtasalmi skirting round the isles north of Haaposelkä to Tolpansalmi and from there to Raatesalmi, a place with two lean-tos for landing.

Puuttenkylä Village association’s hut

On your way, you can make a detour and go to the Puutteenkylä Village Association’s hut, which lies about 1.9 km away (one way).

Wanha Raatesalmi

Wanha Raatesalmi offers its services, a short distance from Raatesalmi lean-to, about 500 metres away.

From Raatesalmi to Lahtela

From Raatesalmi the route takes you to Lahtela, 7 kilometres away.  A group of three islands (Hännisensaari, Riionsaari and Petäjäsaari) provides shelter before crossing Mustaselkä, another stretch of open water towards Lahtela berth. In Lahtela, there is a hut, restroom and a campfire site.

Salpalinja Fort Trail (or Salpa line)

The Salpalinja fort trail nearby is worth a visit.

From Lahtela to Tolpanniemi

From Lahtela the route turns back toward Tolpanniemi marina. This section is about 9.3 km long. On your way, you can also canoe or sup around Kaamosensaari, about 3.7 km.

From Lahtela, you can canoe or sup also along the Porosari route, which is about 13.8 km, if you follow the route on the map.

From Tolpanniemi to Kirkkosaari Bridges

After the marina, you will be heading on the last leg of your trip, approximately 6.1 km toward Kirkkosaari. The route goes through Tolpansalmi to Vihtasalmi and further to Kirkkolahti, turning back to Kirkkosaari and Lahdentaus starting point. If you like, you can visit Samostenperä on you way or land at Kela shore.

  • The Samostenperä area of lake Kuusamo allows beginners a more sheltered canoeing area and also another starting / landing place on the side of Kelaranta.