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Nissinvaara Trail

Nissinvaara trail (24 km) is a so-called circle trail between Petäjäkangas outdoor activity area (Tropiikki region), Nissinvaara, Kapustavaara and Mäkelä-Saapunki areas.

  • The starting point is by the Petäjäkangas exercise tracks, close to golf course fairways 6 and 7. In winter, this is the starting point for a ski trail towards Kapustavaara.

Trail description

The trail is suitable for mountain biking, trail running and walking. Only the sections in Kapustavaara area are more challenging because of the differences in elevation, otherwise it is an easy trail. For less experienced mountain bikers the route offers an excellent opportunity to learn about the discipline and its requirements in practice.


There are two lay-bys along the trail:

  • Nissinjoki campfire site
  • Kapustavaara hut