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Kuusamo is home to a bounty of diverse routes and trails:

  • Waterline trails and exercise tracks are close to the built-up area
  • Karhunkierros and Pieni Karhunkierros (Bear’s trail) trails for hiking, trekking and day camping.

In addition to hiking and trekking, there are multi-use trails and tracks suitable for mountain biking and trail running, too.  The following trails are suitable for off-road biking:

  • Kouvervaara and Nissinvaara trails.
  • The bike trails in Ruka area were designed and constructed for both regular and mountain biking and
  • The tracks on the Bike Park slopes are especially designed for various mountain biking disciplines.

In addition to waterway boating routes

  • Kuusamojärvi canoeing route is for lake canoeists and Kirkkosaari – Samostenperä area for SUP board enthusiasts.


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