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Huts, lean-tos and campfire sites

Huts, lean-tos and campfire sites are excellent spots for resting all year round.

The Town maintains various lay-bys along popular ski and hiking trails where hikers and skiers can enjoy their packed lunches and barbecue sausages on a stick. There are also many trailside amenities maintained by private parties, hunting clubs, village associations and fishing associations


  • Munakka lighted ski track (fitness track in summer), lean-to and campfire site.
  • Hut and campfire site in the Activity park
    • Please note: unlike other huts, this one is locked, booking in advance.
    • logs in the shed; the same advance booking principle applies, charge €6.20.
    • you can bring your own firewood, too.
    • inquiries and bookings, the Town Service Desk, tel. 040 822 4004

Nearby region

  • Lahtela hut and campfire site, Salpa Line
  • Kapustavaara hut, Nissinvaara trail
  • Nissinjoki campfire site, Nissinvaara trail
  • Könkäänniemi hut and campfire site, Kouervaara trail
  • Kouervaara hut, Kouervaara trail
  • Kuntivaara hut, Kuntivaara snowmobile track

Ruka region

  • Pyhävaara hut, Pyhän Jyssäys trail
  • Kuontivaara campfire site, Kuontivaara ski trail
  • Kivilampi lean-to hut, Kivilampi trail
  • Viipusjärvi hut, Alakylä ski trail
  • Uuttusuo hut and campfire site, Vuosseli trail
  • Vuosseli hut, Rokovankallio, Vuosseli trail

Karhunkierros hiking trail

  • Kumpuvaara lean-to and campfire site, Iso-Kumpuvaara
  • The Portimajoki lean-to, campfire site, cooking shelter and cottage, Porontima river
  • Puurosuo lean-tos and campfire sites, Puurosuo
  • Myllykoski campfire site and the Mill, Pieni Karhunkierros Myllykoski