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River fishing

“Fishing provides you with an interesting and challenging way for exploring and enjoying the nature.”
This was written by Tero Ronkainen in the 1990 ‘s.

  • The River Kitkajoki, Kiveskoski

    The allowed fishing gears are a fly and a lure. The most common prey fish are grayling, whitefish and trout. As for trout, the lowest catch size is 60cm and for grayling 35cm. Concerning the fishing places in the area, the rapids Kiveskoski and Käylänkoski are the most easily accessible. On the shores of the rapids Kiveskoski you can find the most abundant service equipment available.

    The fishing season is 1st of June–10th of September.

    The upper part of the river Kitkajoki

  • The river Kurjenjoki is about 3.5 kilometres. The river Kurjenjoki can be reached comfortably by hiking along the long trees. The Raakunniva is a small and a short rapid of 300 metres between the lakes Soivionjärvi and Raakunjärvi.

    The fishing season is 1st of January–31st of December.

  • Kuusinkijoki, Lohiryörre
    The River Kuusinkijoki, Lohipyörre

    The river Kuusinkijoki is perhaps the most famous trout river in Finland among fishermen. One of the biggest strengths of the river is its easy accessibility. The most wanted prey fish is an upstream trout; other popular ones are grayling and whitefish. The total length of the river Kuusinkijoki is 16 kilometres of which a significant fishing area consists of about 10 kilometres.

    The fishing season is 1st of June–31st of August.

    The river Kuusinkijoki

  • The Naatikkajoki flowing into the lake Kitkajärvi is an interestingly varied environment for the fisherman, because the rapids and the slow-flowing quiet waters alternate along with the rapids being suitably long and fast-slowing. The places for grayling fishing can be found both in the potholes of the rapids and in the necks of them. Also the quiet waters are worth fishing. The river Askinjoki is 1.2 kilometres long, half of which consists of the rapids. In the river, there are graylings, occasionally abundant whitefishes along with single trout.

    The fishing season in the river Naatikkajoki is 1st of June–10th of September and in the river Askinjoki 1st of June–31st of August.


  • The River Kitkajoki, Vattumutka

    The large-sized trout and graylings in the river Kitkajoki have surprised many fishermen. The large-sized trout have certainly played an important part in boosting the river’s reputation, but of even greater significance are those unique landscapes surrounding the river. The river Oulankajoki provides the best beaches in Kuusamo with its wide and slow-flowing river area. The fishing area extends from the cape Nurmisaarenniemi up to the border zone. Fishing trout is forbidden in the river Oulankajoki.

    The fishing season is 1st of June–31st of August.


    The joint permit area of the lower parts the rivers Oulankajoki and Kitkajoki

  • The River Oulankajoki, Kiutaköngäs

    The recreational fishing area of the river Oulankajoki includes the Oulanka national park and the water areas of the body of joint owners of Kallunki in the rivers Aventojoki, Savinajoki, Maaninkajoki and Oulankajoki from the cape Nurmisaarenniemi upstream all the way to the northern boundary of the national park, with the exception of protection zones. Fishing trout is forbidden in the river Oulankajoki.

    The fishing season is 1st of June–31st of August.


    The river Oulankajoki in the national park area

  • The Piikstammi

    The Piikstammi fishing area is just less than half a kilometre, the upper part slows calmly, then accelerates unnoticed and downstream is a hundred-metre-long rocky rapids. The rapids Multikoski are very specific as a fishing place, about 150 metres and fast-slowing almost all the way and then spread out almost a hundred metres wide. The river Syväjoki slows calmly from the lake Joukamojärvi into the lake Tiirakkajärvi. The length of the river Syväjoki is 3.5 kilometres and there are no rapids along this part.

    The fishing season is 1st of June–10th of September.


    The Piikstammi fishing area, the rapids Multikoski and the river Syväjoki


    The rapid Poussunkoski

    The length of the rapids Poussunkoski is about 1.5 kilometres, of which about 400 metres consist of the rapids. The rapids Poussunkoski provide an excellent setting; there is a jetty with one hundred metres suitable for bait casting and for those who want an unobstructed fishing site along with a large dining canopy with campfires available for the fishermen. The small rapids Soivionnivat are located along the same waterway below the lake Poussunjärvi, the length is about 1 kilometre, of which 200 metres consist of the rapids.

    The fishing season is 1st of January–31st of December.


    The rapids Poussunkoski and the small rapids Soivionnivat

  • The rapids Patokoski are located above the bridge and the rapids Kukkarokoski are on for about half a kilometre. The rapids located uppermost, Myllykoski, are the longest and fastest-flowing of the rapids of the river Maivajoki. The river Pukarijoki flows rocky and shallow for the first hundreds metres, after which it calms down into quiet waters less than two kilometres long before it flows into the lake Kiitämäjärvi. It is easy to fish in the rapids Taipaleenkoski across its entire width.

    The fishing season is 1st of June–30th of September.


  • The Korpuanjoki fishing area is 13 kilometres. The river is easily accessible. The river Kuoliojoki’s length is about 7 kilometres, of which the majority is on the side of Kuusamo. The river flows most of the trip as broken rapids. The river Kurkijoki’s fishing area is about 8 kilometres, of which the shallow rapids Kielonkoski take 400 metres. The river Soilunjoki has a length of 2 kilometres, of which the section of the rapids is 200 metres. Due to the power station at the top of the river, the river is almost entirely slow-flowing, a quiet waters-like area. The river Raatejoki sets off from the south bank of the watershed area Järvenpäänselkä and flows thorough the pond Raatelampi towards south.

    The fishing season is 1st of January–31st of December.


    The rivers Korpuanjoki, Kuoliojoki, Kurkijoki, Soilunjoki and Raatejoki

  • The River Suininginjoki

    The rapids Suininginkoski are a few hundred metres long. Its grayling stock is moderately stable, the whitefish stock downright abundant. The best whitefish fishing time as to these rapids too is through the summer. The rapids continue for about 300 metres downstream from the bridge. The length of the river Varijoki is about 7–8 kilometres and, in addition to the rapids, there are quiet waters as well as small ponds along the river. There is a total of one kilometre of the rapids places in the river. The upstream is dominated by the about a one kilometre long rapids, Variskoski, which are for the most part slow-flowing and shallow. The river is almost 50 metres wide and easily accessible.

    The fishing season is 1st of June–10th of September.


    The rivers Suininginjoki and Varisjoki