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Lake fishing

“There is enough space and fishing waters for many tastes in Kuusamo. Pamper yourself; let your fishy thoughts take you to the source of the fisherman’s Kuusamo.”
This was written by Tero Ronkainen in the 1990 ‘s.

  • The lake Irnijärvi is situated in Southern Finland, less than 50 kilometres from the centre of Kuusamo towards Kajaani. The most important fish species include trout, lake salmon, vendace, whitefish, pike and perch. The lakes Kerojärvi belong to the river basin of the river Iijoki, they are regulated, although protected against building of a power plant. The joint permit area also includes the lake Polojärvi.

  • The Lake Kuusamojärvi

    The permit area covers the lakes Kuusamojärvi, Muojärvi, Kirpistö, Kiitämä, Suininki and Joukamojärvi, a total of a whopping 250 square kilometres of fishing waters for guaranteed catches. The permit area also includes the cove Maaselänlahti in the lake Iijärvi.

  • The Lake Kitkajärvi

    The Kitka is divided into the lower Ala-Kitka and the upper (higher) Yli-Kitka. The main prey fish of the lake Kitkajärvi for those who are trying to catch fish by trolling is trout with the lowest catch size being 60cm. The fishing season at Kitka runs throughout the summer, but the fish grabs the bait and eats better in the autumn after the waters have cooled. The best eating peak usually hits the turn of September-October – just before the winter. The joint permit area of the lake Kitkajärvi covers 25 000 hectares the best possible fishing water.