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Rinks and skating areas

Maintenance and use of ice rinks and outdoor skating spaces

No booking is required for ice rinks and skating spaces – in other words, they are freely available for use, weather conditions permitting.

Ice rinks and skating areas in the town centre

  • Sports Centre ice rink
  • Nilo skating area and ice rink
  • Tolpanniemi skating area
  • Toranki school skating area
  • Lights on 08.00 – 21.00

Ice rink shacks are normally open as follows:

  • Monday to Friday at 08.00 – 20.00
  • Saturday and Sunday, public holidays at 12.00-18.00

Village ice rinks and skating areas

  • Käylä ice rink
  • Mäkelä school skating area
  • Määttälänvaara ice rink (maintained by the local village association)
  • Noukavaara school skating area
  • Nissinvaara school ice rink
  • Ruka school ice rink
  • Sänkikangas school skating area