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We focus on outdoor activities

Kuusamo Town has invested in different ways to various sports facilities, which are open for locals, holiday-home owners and visitors alike.

  • The activity park in Kuusamo Sports Centre hosts many of the outdoor sports facilities in Kuusamo town area.
  • The activity park is complemented by sites in various locations in the town area.
  • In addition to commercial sites in Ruka, there are also a number of outdoor activity facilities hosted by the Town.
  • Skiing routes maintained by the Town total about 240 km.
  • Snowmobile trails total about 200 km and tracks approximately another 400 km in Kuusamo.

Also communities offer services

Opportunities for various activities are multiplied by commercial and community-maintained outdoor facilities including a golf course, bird-watching towers, shooting range and vast areas for orienteering.

Lipas collects sport facilities and routes onto one website

LIPAS is an open database for up-to-date information about public sports facilities and recreational sites in Finland.

Kuusamo Town maintains and updates its information about local sports facilities and routes in Kuusamo. LIPAS enables the linking of services to e.g., a service maintained by Metsähallitus for hiking and camping routes.

More information about the service on the University of Jyväskylä’s website