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Sports ground

In Kuusamo, the athletics sports grounds are right in the centre of the town. The central sports ground provides excellent and modern facilities for athletics and football. Kuusamo Central Sports Ground was inaugurated in August 2002 and the sand infill of the artificial grass renewed and changed to rubber infill in the centre of the field in summer 2016.  The central sports ground has smart locker rooms, storage for equipment and restrooms on site.

Opening hours

The locks of the main entrance door to the corridor leading to the locker rooms and indoor restrooms are operated by a timer. The doors are open.

  • on weekdays at 7-22 and
  • weekends at 8-22.

The equipment storage door is locked and the keys with the groundsperson, tel. 040-582 3842 and also, if necessary, with a person, who booked a session.

Safety issues

Please note: Safe use of the sports ground is everybody’s responsibility, both the sports ground maintenance personnel and users alike.

  • The equipment on the ground is the Town’s responsibility.
  • All defects and safety hazards have to be reported to the groundsperson or the Town property maintenance emergency number 0400-682 346.
  • Also, any potential hazard to safety or security has to be eliminated immediately, by e.g. warning and/or removing the item from the area or use.

Contact information

Vanttajantie 6
93600 Kuusamo

The groundsperson is available as follows:

  • Monday to Wednesday 7-15:30
  • Thursday 7-15:15 and
  • Friday 7-14:30

Kuusamon Eräveikot ry shoulders the responsibility for sports ground maintenance on public holidays and weekends on Saturday and Sunday.

Activity park field

The activity park field has sites for throwing sports: javelin, hammer and discus.

Village sports grounds

  • Käylä training ground
  • Nissinvaara sports ground
  • Ruka sports ground