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General information about land-use planning

General Information

Land-use planning is steered by the Land Use and Building Act along with national land-use goals. The objective of land-use planning is to enable and consider viability of residential and living environments. It steers building and land use. Different types of plans are part of the land-use planning system. The planning system is three-phased with regional land use plan, local master plan and local detailed plan. The objective of the land-use planning system is to determine the purpose of use at different phases of planning.

Land-use planning in Kuusamo

The regional land use plan for North Ostrobothnia is prepared by the Council of Oulu Region. The regional land use plan is available on the Council of Oulu Region website.

In Kuusamo, there are two detailed planning areas: Ruka detailed plan (1,250 hectares) and Kirkonkylä detailed plans (1,600 hectares). Ruka detailed plan was prepared to steer mainly holiday home building with an existing comprehensive combined plan. A draft of the detailed plans covering the Kirkonkylä area is being prepared and an up-to-date plan has been on display; it will be named the Kirkonkylä detailed plan. The first local area development plan for Kirkonkylä in Kuusamo was prepared in 1964. When the Land Use and Building Act came into force on 1.1.2000, local area development plans were changed to local detailed plans.

The Land-use Planning Department of Kuusamo Urban infrastructure Services does the preliminary work for local detailed plan and master plan projects. The plans are approved, depending on the project, either by the urban infrastructure committee or, in case of more significant projects, the local council. Contact details of the body doing the preliminary work for a particular plan, are available on the webpage for plans in preparation.

Detailed shore plans are prepared by a consultant commissioned by the land owner. The land-use planning department guides the preparation of detailed shore planning.

General information on the land use planning system is available on the Finland’s environmental administration website. The Land Use and Building Act which steers and guides land-use planning is available on Finlex.