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Travelling during the winter time

The long winter season guarantees excellent skiing conditions starting from October up to April. The scenic and diverse landscapes and ski trail profiles guarantee an enjoyable moment while sliding over snow on skis. Whether you are a race skier or an amateur, you can find the joy of skiing in Kuusamo.

Kuusamo provides a great setting for snowshoeing. You can, if you want to, walk along the ready-made routes or then wander on deep snow in the woods and listen to what the nature is whispering to you.

The Ruka area provides a wide range of activities for the whole winter. Ruka’s slopes offer downhill skiing lines for downhill skiers of all ages and sizes, as well as world-class performance venues for professionals and hobbyists. There are 35 slopes, 22 ski lifts and more than 200 skiing days a year in Ruka. Children have their own Rosa & Rudolf Family Park, in which even the smallest members of the family can learn the secrets of downhill skiing.

You can explore the glowing snow blankets or the northern lights on a dog sled or on a reindeer ride. In the Ruka-Kuusamo area, there can be found several companies providing programme and adventure activities, through which you can book adventures and experiences to be explored during your holiday.

The numerous snowmobile routes within our area are freely available for everyone. Along these routes, you can travel through the whole Kuusamo, from one end to the other.