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Coronavirus tests and checkups

Infection symptoms checkup at the Flu Clinic

All patients requiring evaluation for respiratory tract infection symptoms shall be directed to the flu clinic for a checkup.

Before coming to the clinic, you have to call

  • Corona helpline, tel. 040 860 0090 between 8:00 and 15:00.
  • At other times call the urgent care clinic, tel. 040 860 8611.

Entry to the flu clinic is through the H door on the lake side. If you have arranged to be tested in advance, use the K door.

Coronavirus tests for persons entering the country

In compliance with the Communicable Diseases Act, the City of Kuusamo is under obligation to organise tests for persons entering the country. Testing takes place at the flu clinic at Kuusamo Health Centre.

Persons leaving the country

Persons leaving the country are, as a rule, to book their appointment at Mehiläinen testing station. Visitors leaving the country are primarily expected to pay for their tests.

Travellers are advised to take into consideration the fact that the result of the PCR test is available approximately within 1 to 3 days whether you are tested at Mehiläinen or our laboratory.  If your schedule does not allow you to go to Mehiläinen for the test, we may make an exception and test you at the flu clinic.

If the country, where you are bound for, accepts antigen test results, it’s worth taking as you will get your result rapidly. Antigen tests are performed at Mehiläinen, but also at the City flu clinic.

At the moment Mehiläinen provides Covid tests in our region. Book appointment. Go to the page Mehiläinen testing station.