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Animal keeper and animal husbandry location register

Animal keeper and animal husbandry location registers are maintained by the Finnish Food Agency and implemented by municipal rural development officials.

Who needs to register? 

All individuals who are going to take any animals of the list below as a companion, hobby, or farm animal have to register in the animal keeper register: 

  • sheep
  • goats
  • poultry
  • cattle
  • fur-bearing animals
  • camelids (alpaca, llama)
  • deer family (Cervidae)
  • bees or bumblebees (nets, colonies)
  • horses and ponies

The duty to register covers also all keepers of horses, ponies, donkeys, zebra and their crosses, e.g. mules and zebra-donkeys.

How do you register? 

Registration is to be filled out on the Finnish Food Authority registration form for animal keepers and animal husbandry locations, and the forms submitted to the rural services in the municipality. The forms may be submitted also by email to With the exception of professional or extensive keeping of companion and hobby animals, which have to be notified to the Regional State Administrative Agency veterinarian. 

Moreover, notification can be submitted by animal keepers e-service (only Finnish and Swedish).

Joint functional email for North East Finland Rural Services