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Kuusamo economy is based on long-term plans and monitored closely. The most important tool in the planning is the budget for the following year. Economic development is monitored mainly through financial statements and interim reports.

Kuusamo budget is approved by the town council in December, while the financial statements and report on operations are approved in June.

Investments are the foundation of our viability and provide safety for the growth of our welfare

Mayor Jouko Manninen


The operating and financial targets of the municipality are approved in the budget and financial plan. The budget presents the appropriations required to meet the operating targets, and the revenue estimates. Furthermore, the budget presents the coverage of the financing requirement.

The municipal budget for the following year requires the approval of the town council by the end of the previous year.

Financial Statements

The town board draws up financial statements annually, always by the end of March.  The financial statements of the municipality comprise a balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement, with appended notes, and the budget review and a report on operations, together with any consolidated financial statements.

The report on operations gives information on the operations of the municipality and local authority corporation and presents reviews on the total economy. The review of the financial statements describe strategic, operational economy, investment and financial targets approved by the council and their implementation.