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Waste management for permanent and holiday accommodation

In Kuusamo, waste collection is organised by waste management entrepreneurs. All properties in Kuusamo have to have a waste container and a contract for collection services with a waste management entrepreneur. The container may be for an individual property or jointly used by several properties.

Individuals can take waste to Kuusamo Waste Transfer Station, if an excessive amount of waste is temporarily generated. Recycling points are available for property-owner and housing company use, but general waste management and waste collection has to be organised in conformance with the regulations.

In accordance with the waste management regulations, waste must not be burned in a campfire or fireplace – it is forbidden. Burying waste in the ground or dumping it in the woods is also forbidden. Small amounts of paper can be used for kindling and brushwood can be burned.

Waste collection

The schedule and frequency of waste collection is stipulated in Waste Management Regulations section 46.  Irregularly and seldom used holiday homes make an exception; waste collection can be arranged on request, however, at least once a year.

Derogation granted earlier and application for derogation

Previous Waste Act allowed municipalities to grant derogation from waste management to holiday homes or flats. Current legislation, however, does not enable derogation; previous decisions authorising derogation were cancelled and handling of earlier applications terminated.

Waste management enterprises operating in Kuusamo

  • Address: Sossonniementie 15 B, 93600 KUUSAMO

    Tel. 08 852 1578, 0400 386 786, 0400 284 430

  • Address: Puomitie 6, 93600 KUUSAMO

    Tel. private households 010 636 5000

    Tel. companies   010 636 7000,

  • Address: Kuontivaarantie 47, 93830 Rukatunturi

    Tel. 0400 286 370

  • Address: Rukajärventie 22, 93830 Rukajärvi

    Tel. 0400 296 115

  • Address: Hietavaarantie 7a, 93830 Rukatunturi

    Tel. 050 313 0378

  • Address: Kitkantie 31-33 A 1, 93600 KUUSAMO

    puh. 040 734 3594

  • Address: Porrassuontie 49, 93900 KUUSAMO

    Tel. 0400 381 358