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Koira pihalla

Lost and Found Animals 

You can report lost and found animals, or inquire about a found animal from the service provider of the respective municipality (see the following list).

In case of a seriously injured animal, a veterinarian has to be contacted directly.  The service provider receiving animals will charge the animal owner a fee in compliance with their price list for care and possible travel costs caused by collection, when the owner picks up the pet.

The municipality is entitled to charge the owner or holder of the animal a fee for receiving and caring for the animal as well as possibly euthanising it.

A rescued animal has to be kept in the shelter for a minimum of 15 days after which the municipality has the right to sell, rehome or euthanise the animal.

In Kuusamo, Taivalkoski and Posio region, lost and found animals are received by the following service providers.