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Sport Centre Kuusamon Liikuntakeskus

The renewed premises of the Sport Centre in Kuusamo provide you with an opportunity to do workouts smoothly and actively! The entity includes a brand-new indoor ice rink, a renovated public indoor swimming pool along with gyms and ball game halls. The Office of Sports and Fitness Services is located upstairs in the Centre.

Parking area


Premises in the Sport Centre




    • The exercise and ball game hall 1404m2 can be divided into 1–4 spaces.
    • The floor material is plastic/synthetic.
    • The premises are suitable for floorball, futsal, volleyball, badminton, basketball pickleball, boccia, team gymnastics and group exercise (wall bars in the hall 1 and a mirror wall in the hall 4).
    • There is no tennis court.
    • Seats for 750 people.
    • The group locker rooms for the users of the ball game hall are located downstairs.
    • The ball game hall
    • The ball game hall is divided into four different parts through diving walls that can be lowered down. The hall 4 is suitable for musical exercise and there is a mirror wall there. Please, note that the sounds of the neighbouring hall can be heard through the diving curtains.



    The public indoor swimming pool is located in the Sport Center. Next to the swimming pool, there is also a gym and a café.

    • Entrance of the pool is through the main doors of the exercise hall on the side of the road Kitkantie.
    • You will receive an access card when paying the entrance fee for the purpose of locking the locker in the locker room.
    • The cash desk and the locker rooms are on the lobby floor of the public indoor swimming pool and the access to the locker rooms of the gym downstairs is through the swimming pool corridor.
    • During the same visit, you can enjoy 1.5 hours both the swimming pool and the gym.
    • The refreshing public indoor swimming pool includes a five-lane swimming pool with 25 metres and a pool for children.
    • Water gymnastics exercises are arranged in the pool and there is a device for virtual water gymnastics exercises available always when there are no teaching groups in the pool.
    • A five-lane swimming pool with 25 metres and a smaller one for teaching purposes
    • The large swimming pool, the water temperature is 27.5 degrees, depth 137–190cm
    • A pool for children (teaching pool), the water temperature is 28.5 degrees, depth 35–90cm
    • A child is allowed to come swimming without an adult when she/he is at least 7 years old and can swim not less than or more than 25 metres.

    Please, note that there are activities in the public indoor swimming pool on weekdays.

    Swimming courses for schoolchildren:

    • The swimming pool with 25 metres is available for groups of schoolchildren variably on weekdays at 8.00am–3.00pm.
    • The busiest time is at 9.00am–10.00am and at 11.00am–12.15 afternoons.
    • The children’s pool is mainly used for swimming courses at 9.00am–12.15 afternoons.
    • The time table for water gymnastics exercises is available from the cash desk.


  • The indoor ice rink Evo-areena completed in 2018 creates a wonderful setting for hockey and camp activities. In the indoor ice rink, there are lots of regular hockey shifts, but there are also available some individual ice-skating times for tourists and the locals. Free shifts in the indoor ice rink are updated in the attached list weekly. Shifts are both chargeable and free of charge. Shifts are paid at the cash desk of the Sport Center.

  • There are two well-equipped gyms and a senior gym for the aged persons in the Sport Center.
    Equipment in the gyms:

    • Weight pack devices, dumbbells/hand weights, barbells, kettlebells and weightlifting platform Aerobic devices: rowing machines, a treadmill, cross-trainers and exercise bikes
    • Our gym customers can also use spinning bikes available in the indoor biking hall, the space for athletics and the kettlebell hall, provided that there is no supervised hour ongoing.
    • The age limit for the gym is 12 years.

    Our gym customers can also use spinning bikes available in the indoor biking hall, the space for athletics and the kettlebell hall, provided that there is no supervised hour ongoing. The age limit for the gym is 12 years.

    The three different gyms in the Sport Center serve both a weightlifter with heavy weights and a senior exerciser. Two gyms have weight pack devices, a weightlifting platform, free weights and aerobic devices available. In the senior hall, there are gym air pressure monitors available.

    Gym customers can use the indoor biking hall as well as the space for kettlebell/ping-pong, provided that there is no group reservation made for the space. The space for athletics has its own fitness shifts, which are available and accessible with the season ticket or a single payment; otherwise the space is used by regular shifts. Enquire about available times for the Budo (Budō) space/the trampoline space./Make your own reservation at the cash des

  • The space for kettlebells and ping-pong is located on the 2nd floor of the Centre for Physical Activities. There are dozens of kettlebells of different weights and a ping-pong table. You have access to the space with a normal gym fee or you can book the space for your group on an hourly basis (a group price 6,50e/hour), telephone +358 40 860 8720. You will get the key for the space at the cash desk when arriving. 

    Not available in the following time 2021:

    • Tuesday 5-6 pm
    • Thurday 5.30-6.00 pm




    There are 18 spinning bikes available in the indoor biking hall and supervised lessons for indoor biking are held in the hallThe hall is freely available for self-biking with a single payment for the gym, whenever there is no supervised biking lessonYou can book the indoor biking hall also for your own group.

  • Space for athletics 

    Space for athletics is located downstairs with a 3-lane 60 metres track, places for jumping and a throwing tarp along with places for weightlifting. It is possible to book regular shifts to the space for athletics. Individual recreational users can utilise the straight track and the weight training room during the exercisers’ free shifts. 

    • Monday  7.30-9.00 pm
    • Tuesday  8.00-9.00 pm
    • Wednesday 5.00- 7.00 pm
    • Thursday  8-9.00 pm
    • Saturday   12.00- 2.00 pm

    For these shifts, use your access card in the upstairs card reader or pay the single payment at the cash desk. Please, note that the age limit is 12 years. We reserve the right to change times. 



  • Climbing wall 

    The climbing wall is located next to the Budo (Budō) space. The climbing wall can be used during the shifts of the Climbing Club or by presenting an instructor card of the Climbing Association or the approved confirmatory test certificate. The space has lots of regular bookings, so please, check the availability by calling the cash desk, telephone number +358 40 860 8720. 


  • The Budo (Budō) space and trampoline 

    In the Budo (Budō) space next to the space for athletics, there is a trampoline, a wrestling mat and a punching bag. Please, note that children are not allowed to go to the trampoline alone; its use is permitted only under the supervision of an adult (aged 18 or more). 

    Please, note that the space for athletics and the Budo (Budō) space are two separate spaces, so if you have booked the Budo (Budō) space for your use, there can be another group on the straight track at the same time. The space has lots of regular bookings, so please, check the availability by calling the cash desk, telephone number +358 40 860 8720. 


  • Customer service point/cash desk 

    There is a café next to the customer service point/cash desk in the Sport Center, where you can buy snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. The café has tables and chairs for 15 people. The indoor ice rink Evo-areena has a café of its own, which is open during matches. 

    During diverse events, the organiser of the events can have a café of its own in the lobby of the Sport Center. 

  • Meeting rooms 

    There are two meeting rooms in the Sport Center. 

    • There is a meeting room for 20–30 persons on the 2nd floor next to the Office of Sports and Fitness Services with a view of the ball game hall. The tables can be set up either in a classroom-style or U-shaped. Please, note that the Office of Sports and Fitness Services is located next to the meeting room and there is also an access to the kettlebell hall. 
    • There is a meeting room for 15 persons next to the indoor ice rink Evo-areena with a view of the indoor ice rink. Unobstructed access to the meeting room through the Sport Center. 

    Equipment and reservations

    • Meeting equipment include a flip chart, a screen and, if necessary, a data projector.
    • Reservations at the cash desk, telephone. +358 40 860 8720 or through the office secretary, telephone +358 40 860 8721.
    • The key to the indoor ice rink meeting room is available at the cash desk of the Sport Center.
    • You can bring your own servings with you or have a coffee in the café of the Sport Center. Catering orders must be made well in advance.


  • Event reservations

    The event reservations of the Sport Center are to be made through the Head of the Sports and Fitness Services Jukka Makkonen, telephone +358 40 081 6394 or through the Office Secretary Rauni Peiponen, telephone +358 40 860 8721.

    Primarily contact us by email :

    Reservations of single sessions

    The ball game halls, the indoor biking hall, the Budo (Budō) space, trampoline, the space for athletics, the kettlebell hall and the senior gym hall of the Sport Center shall be reserved at the cash desk in the Centre, telephone +358 40 860 8720.
    The indoor ice rink, sports field and the outdoor ball fields of the Sport Center shall be reserved through the Office of Sports and Fitness Services, telephone +358 40 860 8721.
    Single reservations for the school gyms shall be made through the primary and lower secondary education’s offices

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