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Group Fitness lessons at the Sport Centre

The versatile group exercise sessions are available for everyone. We shall publish a more detailed programme for the spring and autumn term always at the beginning of the term. You can choose, among other things, Les Mills Bodybalance and Bodypump, muscle condition exercises,
stretching, indoor biking and Aqua Zumba.

  • A place for indoor cycling must be booked in advance booking indoor cycling , but you can attend other exercise sessions without registering.
  • Fees for keep-fit exercises are to be paid at the cash desk of the Sport Center Activities, where you also can buy serial tickets for the sessions. The affordable Action Pass for young people goes for payment to keep-fit exercises.
  • Keep-fit exercises shall be held in the section 4 of the exercise hall and indoor biking sessions in the indoor biking hall of the lobby.
  • Season tickets do not include group exercise sessions.
  • Please, do not come exercising if you are ill.

Group fitness lessons spring 2023

  • Monday  5.45 pm muscle condition exercise with music
  • Monday 6.30 pm indoor cycling
  • Tuesday 11 am muscle condition exercise with music
  • Wednesday 5.30 pm exercises for abs and legs with music
  • Wednesday 6.30 pm bodybalance
  • Thursday 5.15 pm bodypump
  • Thursday 7.15 pm Aqua Zumba swimming pool