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Extensive network of ski tracks

Kuusamo boasts a whopping 240 km of ski trails maintained by the Town. About 38 km of tracks circle around the town, 125 km in Ruka area and in early spring a total of 77 km of connecting ski tracks will be laid to complement the existing ones.

Skiing distances and level of skill required are on the trail-specific information boards on site. Ski track service provides real-time information on the condition and maintenance of the tracks in Kuusamo and Ruka (when last maintained or the condition checked) as well as information on skiing style, length and lighting.

The ski tracks around the town are twilight switch-operated between 7:00 and 21:00

Village tracks on Retkikartta website

The Town supports also many private service providers, businesses and communities by ski track support payments and laying approximately 200 km of their ski tracks every year. These tracks are listed on Retkikartta website.