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Kuusamo Calling

For the love of your neighbours and nature

Kuusamo is located in the north east of Finland. The Town of Kuusamo looks to the future with a strategy based on the values of love for your neighbours and nature. In Kuusamo, we live in harmony with nature and build wellbeing from it. This is what ensures Kuusamo’s future will be even better than the present. Kuusamo is a paradise for families!

Life that feels like a vacation Find your place

Maan pinnalla features a collection of stories told by locals about what it’s like to live and work in the north east of Finland and what everyday life is like here. The website also features all job vacancies in the region. Start making your dream a reality.

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Kuusamo town as an employer Space to breathe

680 employees work in the organization of the Kuusamo town. We offer interesting and versatile tasks in various professional fields. We also invest in the well-being of the personnel by offering extensive occupational health care services.

The skills of the personnel are developed and the personnel development fund supports voluntary training.

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Welcome to Kuusamo Living in Kuusamo

When looking for an apartment, you should use active social media groups and other contacts. Kuusamo rental houses offers rental apartments in the town of Kuusamo. Items for sale can be found, for example, through the (in Finnish) service. The purpose of the settlement services is to offer guidance and counseling in all areas of life and thus support the mover in building a new life in Kuusamo.

Settlement services (in Finnish)

In the middle of the national parks Unique nature

Kuusamo’s nature is exceptionally diverse and rich. The Kuusamo highlands are the only region in Finland where the variation in ground level exceeds 200 metres. Our region is characterised by canyon-like valleys, where rapids and waterfalls still bubble freely. There are several nature reserves in Kuusamo, such as Oulanka National Park.

General Information about Kuusamo