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Fines and fees

You will not be able to borrow or reserve materials or renew your loans if you have unpaid fees to the amount of 12 euros or more. All accumulated library fees have to be paid at one time.

Overdue fees

Overdue fine 0,30 €/day/item
Overdue fine for short loans 0,40 €/day/item
Maximum amount of overdue fine/item 6 €
First overdue notice 1,5 €
Second overdue notice 3 €

No overdue fines are collected for children’s loans or materials for children and the young. We always charge a fee for sending a return request. An invoice for unreturned materials will be sent two months after the due return date. If the invoice is not paid or the materials are not returned, the library will transfer the case to a recovery agency.

Service fees

Fee for uncollected reservation 1 €
Interlibrary loan fee 1 €/volume + fees billed by the sending library
New library card 2 €

Copying and printing

Black-and-white copies/printouts, single* 0.50 €/page
Black-and-white copies/printouts A3, single* 1.00 €/page
Colour copies/printouts A4, single* 1.00 €/page
Colour copies/printouts A3, single* 2.00 €/page

Copy/printing card 50 credits, self-service** 23.10 €
Copy/printing card 100 credits, self-service** 42.00 €

*double-sided double charge
**a copying machine charges: black-and-white A4 = 1, black-and-white A3 = 2, colour A4 = 2, colour A3 = 4 credits, double-sided double charge

Damaged and unreturned material

If materials are lost or damaged, you will have to replace the materials or pay a reimbursement fee. Films, digital games and software cannot be replaced by a new copy.

  • Unreturned material: charged for according to the purchase price
  • Damaged volume:
    • Purchased in the current or previous year: purchase price of the new volume or a new item of the same title
    • Damaged, purchased earlier: 10 €/volume or a new item of the same title
  • Collectors’ items with selling value: according to collection value/at the discretion
  • Films: purchase price of the new one with borrowing rights

Hire of a meeting room

15,70 € / hour (VAT 24% included)

Expert services, presentations, teaching

Expert services 101,40 €/ hour (VAT 24% included)

Sales products

Plastic or paper bag 0.20 €
OUTI cloth bag 2.00 €