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Alppikoulu – The Alpine School

Alppikoulu, the Alpine School in Ruka is part of the official training system for downhill skiing and freestyle skiing in Finland, enabling young people to prepare all year round. 

The students of the Alppikoulu practise in Ruka and the contact teaching in the upper secondary education is arranged in the town centre. The Alppikoulu not only provides Finnish matriculation examinations and further vocational qualifications but it also works as a team for primary and lower secondary education, whose students attend the school in their places of domicile and participate in the training activities of the alpine school in Ruka in accordance with a separate camping programme. There is also a possibility to apply for and start studying in the school for primary and lower secondary education in Kuusamo and exercise with other students during the period of snow lasting more than 200 days in Ruka. 

In the alpine school in Kuusamo, training and studies combine flexibly and individually. Ruka and Kuusamo along with other fjelds in Northern Finland form the centre of the activities. During the period without snow, training or practise of a particular sport utilise the glacial conditions of Central Europe. 

Since the establishment in 1995, the activities of the alpine school have been cooperated by Kuusamo, the Ruka Ski Resort Rukakeskus Ltd and the Ski Sport Finland ry (registered association). Also the Finnish Olympic Committee is involved in this cooperation. The alpine school in Ruka is part of the Vuokatti-Ruka Sports Academy. 

Athletes are divided into level groups, in which everyone can practice in professional training according to an individual exercise plan, starting from the school for primary and lower secondary education up to the athlete’s professional career.