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Vanhustenviikkoa vietetään 4.10. – 11.10.2020 teemalla “Onni on vanheta”. Perinteiset Ikämessut järjestetään la 10.10.  Kainuun ammattioppilaitoksen liikuntasalissa.

Kuusamo town is situated in the north-eastern part of Finland, in the province of Oulu, about 800 kilometres north of Helsinki. Finnair's regular flights reach Kuusamo in about one hour and main roads 5 and 20 take you smoothly to the area.

Kuusamo is known for its natural beauty. Fells and forests reach as far as the eye can see, a wilderness split by lakes, rivers and rapids. An abundance of snow is guaranteed - normally at least a metre - and it remains sparkling white throughout the season starting from end of October until May.

Over the years Kuusamo and Ruka have developed into one of the most popular all-year tourist resorts in Finland.

Kuusamo and Ruka tourism -