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Support for the Aged Persons Living at Home

There is a variety of services available in order to support the aged persons’ managing at home. Home care can be provided based on the individual need for services. Home care refers to home service and home nursing as well as other support measures provided in order to manage at home, such as catering, emergency call and transport services along with rehabilitative daily activities. Furthermore, a short-term treatment in rehabilitation and shift care units are being provided in order to support living at home. 

Rehabilitation treatment and shift care

During the rehabilitation period, the aged persons’ functional capacity, resources and the need for services will be assessed. The clients are referred to units through service coordination. Living at home can be supporting through regular shift care, for example for the purpose of supporting the informal care families. 

Rehabilitation and shift care is provided by the Katrinkoti and Niittyvilla units located in the Activity Centre Porkkapirtti. There is a care professional available 24/7 in both units. Activities of both units are based on the Kinaesthetics Operating Model. The units have the quality certificate ID of Kinaesthetics.  

Informal care

Informal care support can be applied for in order to arrange treatment and care for a person who is aged, disabled or ill in his/her home with the help of a relative or other individual who is close to the person being cared for. Informal support care consists of the care fees to be paid to the informal carer, his/her time offs and other informal support care services provided to the informal carer.