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Service Counselling for Seniors

Service counselling for senior citizens is open on weekdays, Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 12:00, tel. 040 860 8700 or email:

Do contact the counselling  services

  • if you need information about services and benefits for senior citizens
  • if you need guidance and counselling for good ageing and safe management of daily routines
  • if you are worried about your capabilities and safe living at home, or that of your near and dear ones

Service Counsellors are available in person by appointment.

The service counselling unit for senior citizens grants safety and security services, support for mobility, home care, rehabilitative and interval care, housing and care services, day activities, support for informal care, modifications at home and veteran services for over 65-year-old local residents. Before a senior citizen will be granted regular home care services or housing services, an assessment and rehabilitation period will take place, primarily in the person’s own home.

  • The notification of an older person’s service needs can be made either by a private person or by an authority. The notification can be made by any person who is concerned about the situation of an older person. A private person has the right to make a notification of an older person’s service needs, whereas the authorities are obliged to notify in accordance with the Act on Supporting the Functional Capacity of the Older Population and on Social and Health Services for Older Persons, Section 25. The notification of an older person’s service needs will be made when you are concerned about an older person.

    When will the notification be made? 

    • There is cause for concern about an older person’s well-being, for example, when an older person cannot cope and manage with those services available for his/her securing nutrition, pharmaceutical care and hygiene care
    • An older person lives in a dwelling with low standard of equipment or housing conditions are otherwise inappropriate
    • An older person cannot cope anymore with his/her matters independently
    • An older person cannot seek/is not capable of seeking for medical attention in health care and social welfare services needed
    • An older person is maltreated
    • An older person has a heavy use of intoxicating substances, endangering his/her own health
    • An older person endangers his/her own safety/health
    • An older person has an obvious need for assistive devices

    Employees within services for older persons are obliged to examine every notification of an older person’s service needs.
    The notification can be made by calling the general counselling and service coordination for older persons, Monday–Friday at 9.00am–12.00 noon, telephone +358 40 860 8700.