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If home support services no longer guarantee a person’s safe living at home, there are different options for housing. The conditions for the client to be referred to sheltered housing include that the client has had all home support services in use and the impact of the services on the client’s functional capacity has been assessed. When the client’s need for services changes, home care provides the client with more services and intensified home rehabilitation is possibly in use as well. All available treatment, rehabilitation and social work means and methods have been considered and utilised for the purpose of supporting the client’s living at home.

Family Care

Family care is one option for the purpose of arranging the aged persons’ treatment and housing, for a short and long term. Family care refers to arranging a family-like treatment and care based on the needs of a person to be taken care of in the family carer’s private home or at the person’s own home.  The aim of family care is to provide the person taken care of in family care with an opportunity to home-like treatment and care and close relationships along with to enhance his/her basic security and social relationships.

More information about family care: Service Counsellor Jenny Heikkinen p. 040 581 4328

Housing services are classified based on those services provided by them

  • sheltered housing (with or without night safety provided)
  • intensified sheltered housing (personnel are present all night)

Housing services are organised both by the town as its own activity and by private service providers as purchased service as well as with a service voucher. If the aged person is entitled to housing services, he/she may mention the primary housing unit wishes in the application. Housing services in Kuusamo are mostly organised with a service voucher. After receiving a service voucher the client can always choose a service provider by himself/herself. The client has, however, no subjective right to a service voucher, but has the right to refuse the service which is to be implemented with a service voucher. In this case, the municipality is obliged to organise the services the client needs in some other way, such as purchased service.