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As to your own ageing and preparing yourself for old age, it is worth paying attention, not only to a meaningful and active everyday life, but also housing, finances, health and well-being along with important documents, such as supervision of the interests and living will.  

It is important to take care of your own overall well-being.  

  • Have enough physical activities
  • Eat healthy
  • Activate your brain
  • Take care of your heart
  • Be happy about seeing other people and being together
  • A home visit enhancing well-being is provided yearly to persons aged 80 or over. During this home visit, we shall talk confidentially about good ageing, state of health and everyday life.

  • A registered nurse of the Senior Counselling Centre will invite yearly persons aged 75 or over to a health appointment. During this appointment, we shall talk about good ageing, state of health as well as everyday life.

  • Kortteli/Block clubs are open, low threshold meeting places, for persons aged 65 or over. Clubs provide you with an opportunity to meet with friends and to get to know new people. The main objective of the activities is to build up such a community supporting well-being as part of the aged persons’ everyday life.

  • Voluntary work is an activity of one’s own free will and unpaid. Voluntary work with the aged persons is friendly gathering and diverse things to do or just being present and listening. Work strives to prevent loneliness and increase social vitality and activity. Furthermore, it brings joy both to the aged persons and the volunteers and makes them feel good.