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Service Vouchers for Senior Citizens’ Services

A service voucher refers to a commitment made by the municipality for the purpose of reimbursing the costs and expenses provided by a private service provider up to the value predetermined by the municipality (= the value of a service voucher). The municipality decides on those services to be acquired by a service voucher, the acceptance criteria for service providers along with the value of a service voucher. The user of a service voucher has the right, unless other ways of organising, to choose a service provider of his/her choice, accepted by the municipality. 

A service voucher will be granted based on the assessment of the need for services. 

In the Town of Kuusamo, a service voucher is used in the following health care and social welfare services: 

  • Home care 
  • A voucher for time off in informal care 
  • Housing services of the aged persons (standard and intensive sheltered housing) 
  • Outpatient rehabilitation for front veterans and services to support living at home 

The value of a service voucher

The value of a service voucher is income-based. The client pays the excess.  As to front veterans, the voucher is fixed and they will be not charged for any excess of a service voucher. 

Information on service providers and their comparison

Information on service voucher entrepreneurs is available through the electronic Service Voucher and Purchased Service System (PSOP). The system also enables a comparison between service providers. You can find the link to this service provider comparison at the top right of the page. Choose a service organiser: Kuusamo and then choose the service you want (for example home care service).