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Health Centre Client Fees

The government directs the policy on health care and social welfare client fees through legislation. 

  • Physicians’ Appointments

    A health centre physician/annual fee  €41.20 

    A health centre physician/one-off fee  €20.60 

    • By default, there is an annual fee, which is valid through the calendar year 1st of January–31st of December. If the annual fee invoice is not paid, we shall charge the client for the one-off fee. The one-off fee will be charged for each appointment, regardless of the number of the appointments. The age limit is 18 years.  
    • As of 1st of January 2019, veterans will not be charged for any annual fee/one-off fee for physicians’ appointments, a fee for medical specialists’ appointments or for emergency outpatient clinic nor a fee for medical certificates. Other client fees are to be charged. 

    Medical Specialists

    An appointment with a medical specialist   €41.20 

    Special medical examinations   €41.20 

    • Fees for appointments with a medical specialist and for special medical examinations will be charged for each appointment. Special medical examinations include, inter alia, endoscopic examinations, skin prick tests, ECG long-term monitoring, sleep researches along with examinations related to eyes, excluding tonometry. Persons under 18 years of age will not be charged as to 1st of July 2021.  

    The Emergency Outpatient Clinic

    The emergency outpatient clinic fee   €28.30 

    • The age limit for the emergency outpatient clinic fee is 18 years. The fee will be charged for each appointment. 

    Other Payments and Fees

    Short-term inpatient care/bed-day  €48.90  

    after the payment ceiling/bed-day   €22.50 

    Short-term inpatient care/day  €22.50  

    • psychiatric ward 

    Day care and/or night care     €22.50 

    • day hospital fee 

    A fee for rehabilitation period in inpatient care  €16.90 

    Individual physiotherapy  €11.40 

    The pain outpatient clinic (medial specialist)  €41.20 

    We shall not charge for any serial treatment fees. The serial treatment fees consist of wound care, allergy desensitisation, pain treatment, foot care and intravenous antibiotic treatment along with other serial pharmaceutical treatment, either as injections or inhaled. 

    Outpatient Surgery

    Outpatient surgery, a procedure    €135.10 

    • No age limit. 
    • If a person who has undergone an outpatient surgery procedure stays in care to the next day, due to a complication or other similar reason, he/she will be charged in addition for 
      135.10 euro also 48.90 euro for each bed-day (treatment day) following the procedure. 

    Uncancelled Appointments

    We shall charge for unused and uncancelled appointments €50.80 (the age limit is 18 years). 


  • Fees for dental care will be charged for in accordance with the Decree on Client Charges in Healthcare and Social Welfare. Dental care is chargeable for persons aged 18 years and older. Persons who have been awarded a front veteran’s badge will not be charged for check-ups, preventive care or any clinical work related to prosthodontics. Check-ups for parents expecting their first child are free of charge (if X-ray photography needed, it will be chargeable). 

    The Fee charged for Appointments

    An appointment with a dental hygienist   €10.20  

    An appointment with a dentist   €13.10  

    An appointment with a specialist dentist   €19.20  

    An outpatient clinic fee   €41.20 

    Fees for Oral and Dental Procedures

    Examinations/check-ups    €8.40–€18.90  

    Emergency medical appointment    €13.10 

    X-ray examination/X-ray photograph €8.40 

    Panoramic dental X-ray of the whole dentition   €18.90 

    Anaesthesia/one half of the jaw    € 8.40 

    Filling a tooth   €18.90–€ 77.00 

    Root canal treatment/appointment   €18.90–€77.00 

    Taking out a tooth    €21.00–€37.50 

    Taking out a tooth by surgery   €63.30– €85.40 

    Removing tartar/appointment   €18.90– €77.00  

    Treatment of occlusion by occlusal splints €54.90 + costs and expenses for the dental laboratory 


    Repair of dental prosthesis  €37.50– €54.90 + costs and expenses for dental laboratory 

    Acrylic partial prosthesis and full prosthesis       €183.50 + costs and expenses for dental laboratory 

    Dental crowns and bridges for a tooth €183.50 + costs and expenses for dental laboratory 

    Metal-framed partial prosthesis  €227.70 + costs and expenses for dental laboratory 


    Uncancelled appointment  €50.80 (persons aged over 18 years)  

    Certificate  €50.80 (insurance companies et al.) 

  • The payment ceiling on client fees for the municipal health care is €683 per a calendar year. 

    The following issues will be taken into account in the payment ceiling on client fees: 

    • fees for appointments with a health centre physician (annual fees, emergency fees, fees charged for appointments) 
    • fees for outpatient clinic appointments (appointments with a medical specialist) 
    • fees for outpatient surgery treatment and pain treatment 
    • fees for individual physiotherapy (municipal, not private) 
    • fees for day care and night care (short-term inpatient care) 
    • fees for rehabilitation period in inpatient care 
    • fees for short-term inpatient care 

    The payment ceiling system is nationwide. If you already have a free card, please, show it when registering. 

    The payment ceiling does cover some costs and expenses to be reimbursed for by certain insurances and not, among other things, fees for oral health care, home hospital, long-term inpatient care, home care, private practitioners and not either home travel expenses, costs for medicinal products, hires of the housing units (for example Katrinkoti, Kiviharju and Kotiranta), services provided by a physician which have been bought with a service voucher or those fees compensated by social assistance. 

    The amount of fees for municipal health care and the inpatient care within social welfare will be monitored by a client payment card.  Should the total amount of the fees exceed €683.00 (= the payment ceiling) during a calendar year, the services are free of charge after this, with the exception of short-term inpatient care, which will be charged for a fee €22.50 per each care day. When calculating the payment ceiling, the minor children in the family will be taken into account, at the choice of persons who have custody of a child when the payment ceiling related to the other person who has custody of a child is being calculated. 

    The client counselling point of the health centre provides additional information on the payment ceiling.