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Health Services for Immigrants

Immigrants’ health inspections and health services are provided by “neuvola”, health station. Services include for example refugee health inspections, screenings, guidance and vaccinations.

At reception we take notice of whole family’s well being. Health services are in tight cooperation with oral health care, social services, daycare, schools and also third parties like Finnish Redcross to provide good health and integration.

In case of getting sick, we guide to book appointment to doctor´s reception and in case of emergency, please contact our hospital emergency room. At neuvola we will help and guide how to do it.

To get health counselling or for example vaccinations, all immigrants can book an appointment through our reception. Asylum seeker’s healthcare is provided by their own reception center “camp”, but maternity services, children´s health services, and school nurse services for underaged children at school are available, no matter person’s immigration status. Neuvola services are free of charge.

Health services and vaccinations are available by appointment made in advance. At reception it is possible to use interpretation.

More info from public health nurse Heidi Moilanen, p. +358408608713 or by email

Service in finnish or english . Available by phone, also by whatsapp.

More Info about the Service