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Oral Health Care

Our key services include:

  • Emergency services for oral and dental diseases demanding urgent medical care
  • Preventive dental care for children and young persons
  • Remedial care based on the need for care

Dental care provided by the health centre includes the whole population and access to treatment is based on the need for treatment.

Telephone Service

  • Emergency service appointments for oral and dental ache, Monday–Friday at 8.00am–12.00 noon
  • Other appointments, Tuesday–Thursday at 12.00 noon–4pm and on Friday at 12.00 noon–3pm

At other times, in urgent cases, please contact the emergency clinic, telephone +358 40 860 8611.
Emergency services for oral and dental ache Monday–Friday in Kuusamo.
Emergency services at weekends in Oulu at 10am–3pm.

At weekends and on bank holidays emergency services are available at:
Aapistie 3, Oulu, 1st floor
Telephone number is +358 44 703 6426.

Please, note that you cannot cancel the appointment by text message, but only by calling the number +358 40 860 8888.

Please, cancel your appointment if you have:

  • Fever
  • Bad cough
  • Acute upper respiratory tract infection
  • Stomach bug
  • A herpes blister in acute phase
  • Some other suspected communicable disease

Clients in oral health care will be charged for fees in accordance with the national Regulation on Clients Fees within Health Care and Social Welfare.

  • Oral health care is free of charge for persons under 18 years of age
  • Dental examination, preventive medical care and work related to prosthetics are free of charge for veterans
  • Dental examination is free of charge for parents expecting their first child