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Electronic Health Services

This page contains information on electronic health services available in the Town of Kuusamo along with direct links to these services.

Omaolo is a web service, through which you can, for example, make a symptom assessment of your condition and send it further to a health care professional. This service avoids queuing and unnecessary treatment visits and appointments.

In Kuusamo, there are three Omaolo symptom assessments currently in use: corona, urinary tract infection and general symptom. Omaolo provides the client with a recommendation for action based on those symptoms chosen by him/her. A recommendation can be a self-care instruction or a request to take contact with a medical professional either by telephone or through the Omaolo web service. Recommendations are based on the most up-to-date scientific evidence and on the Current Care Guidelines (Käypä hoito -suositukset).

Electronic Health Check

A health check report based on about forty questions gives an estimate of expectancy of life and the most common disease risks along with a summary of ways of life affecting health and ways to influence them. Weekly e-mail messages of the health and well-being coaching programme encourage and guide the service user towards a better life. 

Coaching is available from the following important areas of life: 

  • weight management 
  • exercise 
  • nutrition 
  • sleep 
  • skills for happy life 
  • improving a couple relationship 
  • moderate alcohol consumption 
  • quitting smoking 

Go to the electronic health check from the link below: 

Electronic Health Check

The Omahoito Service

The Omahoito Service provides you with information on diverse matters related to diseases by using various videos, online courses and articles. Information provided by this Service supports both you and people close to you in everyday life. With the help of the Omahoito Service you can support and enhance your own well-being. 

Go to the Omahoito Service from the link below: 

Omahoito-palvelu (in Finnish)