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Appointments with Physicians and Nurses

  • Appointments with Physicians and Nurses

    Health Care

Telephone service

Monday–Thursday at 8am–3pm 

On Fridays at 8am–2pm 

We have a call-back service. Please, listen to the instructions given. 


Sign in using the self-service machine 

You should sign in using the self-service machine when you have an appointment with 

  • a health centre physician 
  • a diabetes, heart and lung nurse 
  • dental care 
  • x-ray photography 
  • a nurse 
  • an audiologist 
  • medical specialists 

There are two separate self-service machines for signing in and they are located next to the health centre information point and in the corridor. Please, follow the orange signs and comply with the instructions at the sign in points. 

After signing in, please, visit the secretary, if 

  • your appointment has to do with an accident or a traffic accident 
  • you are a war invalid, a veteran or you have been awarded a front veteran’s badge or a front-line service badge