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Social Assistance

Social assistance is a last-resort form of financial assistance. Basic social assistance is granted by the Social Insurance Institution, KELA. Supplementary and preventive social assistance is granted by the town. Social assistance is a means-tested benefit. Its amount is based on the client’s essential expenses. The amount of social assistance is the difference between the client’s disposable income and assets and the expenses that give eligibility for social assistance. 

Social assistance consists of three components 

  • basic social assistance 
  • supplementary social assistance
  • preventive social assistance 

Basic social assistance is applied for from the Social Insurance Institution, KELA. 

Supplementary and preventive social assistance is granted by Kuusamo Town, The Social Services Office. 

Who can get social assistance?

Social assistance can be paid to any individual or family whose income and assets do not cover their essential daily needs. Social assistance can also be granted to support independent coping as well as to prevent social exclusion. 

When will a decision on social assistance be made?

The decision on social assistance must be given at the latest on the seventh weekday after receipt of the application. In urgent cases, the decision must be made on the same weekday or at the latest on the following weekday. The applicant must also be provided with an opportunity to discuss personally with the social worker or social counsellor of the municipality no later than on the seventh weekday from the day he/she asked for it. The decision on social assistance will be issued in writing and it will contain grounds for the decision. 

To whom? 

Social assistance is to be applied for the whole family or persons living in the same household together. A person who is of age and lives with his/her parents, will, however, apply separately for social assistance. A person under 18 years of age and living independently, for example, a student, cannot as a rule apply for social assistance but is under parents’ maintenance responsibility. 

Telephone Services

Service counselling for social services is open on weekdays, Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 11:00. If you have your own social worker already assigned to you, we kindly ask you to contact them.

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