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‘The client has the right to be provided with a high-class social welfare.’ 

The municipality shall appoint a social ombudsman. The social ombudsman may be common to two or more municipalities. The social ombudsman provides services to both the public and private social welfare clients. 


Why Should I Contact the Social Ombudsman? 

  • You want some advice on your rights as a social welfare client 
  • You want some advice on submitting an objection or claims for a revised decision related to social services 
  • You want some objective information on legislation related to social welfare and on application of the law in your municipality of residence
  • You are unsure of those social services you (or people close to you) are entitled to or you are not satisfied with the services received by you
  • You are not satisfied with the treatment provided by a social welfare employee or his/her supervisor or you experience to have received inappropriate treatment
  • You do not understand the social welfare decisions or agreements that have been made related to your case


Tasks of the Social Ombudsman  

(The Act on the Status and Rights of Social Welfare Clients 812/2000, Section 24) 

  • To advise clients on matters related to the application of this law in question 
  • To assist clients in submitting objections and complaints 
  • To inform about the rights of the clients 
  • To work in order to promote the rights of the clients and have the rights implemented 
  • To follow up how the rights and status of the clients develop in the municipalities and submit a report on this to the local executive annually
  • The task of the social ombudsman is advisory and consulting; it does not include any decision-making or granting benefits or allowances. He/she cannot either change any decisions made by authorities

Contact information:  

Counselling  Tuesday–Thursday at 10am–1pm, telephone +358 50 341 5244  

Please, make a personal appointment always in advance. 

Social ombudsmen
Sointula, Maija-Kaisa
Saarinen, Sanna
Merikratos (social services/social work activities) Oy 

E-mail (not secure, please, do not send any confidential information): sosiaaliasiamies(at)
Postal address: Merikratos Oy / Social ombudsman, Ruissalontie 11 b, 20200 Turku.