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Welcome to Family Mediation! 

Family mediation is a service available to parents in Kuusamo. During the mediation it will be talked about how, from the child’s or children’s point of view, to best continue and proceed with parenthood in mutual cooperation, even though the couple relationship is over. Mediation is voluntary and confidential. 

The Purpose of Family Mediation 

  • Parents will be helped to analyse what needs to be agreed upon. 
  • Parents will be provided with support and help in their mutual discussions in such situations where their own attempts to discuss may have become quarrelsome. 
  • The aim is to resolve issues and practices related to children by agreements. 

Focus on Children 

Parents’ separation is a big change to the child. Agreeing upon matters related to children in a constructive manner is essential for children’s well-being and their adaption to this change, despite parental disagreements. 

Parents are provided with support and help through family mediation in order to enhance discussions between them. In this way, children’s relationships with both their parents are to be maintained and everyday life goes well, despite the separation. The focus for mediation is talking about such issues related to arranging children’s matters, which are difficult to be agreed on between parents. The family mediator is an impartial body, who does not make or provide any ready-made solutions, but help parents find themselves appropriate solutions through his/her questions. 

Mediation is started with separate preparatory meetings for parents, followed by from one to three joint meetings. A follow-up meeting will be agreed on during the last meeting. 

Family mediation in Kuusamo is provided as social service to families with children. 

Contacts on weekdays at 9.00am–11.00am, telephone +358 40 860 8652.