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If you are not satisfied with the health care, medical care, treatment or service, always try primarily to discuss your dissatisfaction with the unit concerned. Things will work out best and fastest where they have taken place too. You can also give your feedback on service into the feedback box of the unit. 

Objection and patient ombudsman 

If the dissatisfaction will not get solved by discussing, the patient has the right to submit an objection on the matter to the chief medical officer within the health centre in accordance with the Act on the Status and Rights of Patients. 

Read more about the rights of patients on the website of the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health:  Potilaan asema ja oikeudet (in Finnish and in Swedish).

  • An objection is an easy and quick way to express opinions 
  • An objection provides the attending unit with an opportunity to quickly correct any grievances. 
  • The patient will be provided with an answer within a month concerning corrective measures. 
  • If necessary, a discussion will be held between the parties. 
  • There will be no record of the objection in the patient documents. 
  • If, when the objection is submitted/dealt with, it comes obvious that it is a question of a patient injury or an indemnification, the patient ombudsman shall advise on filing the matter. Submitting an objection does not restrict the right of a patient to appeal to the authorities controlling health care or medical care about the care or related treatment received by him/her. 

The insurance against treatment injury shall compensate the patient for any patient injury caused in connection with health care or medical care. You have access to the website of the Patient Insurance Centre through this link:  The Patient Insurance Centre. 

Pharmaceutical insurance will compensate for the costs and expenses caused by unexpected diseases or injuries because of a medicine. 


Patient Ombudsman can be reached as follows

Town of Kuusamo/Social and Health Services
Postal address: PL (PO Box) 9, 93601 KUUSAMO
Patient Ombudsman Kaisa Oikarinen 

Telephone +358 40 860 8372, Monday–Friday at 8.00am–10.00am 

If you cannot reach me by phone, you can leave me a text message and I shall call you back or you can leave a message on the answering machine or send e-mail to