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Eastern Kuusamo

Eastern Kuusamo is characterized by a large amount of lakes and high hills with a great view to the Russian side of the border.

Lake Kuusamojärvi is especially popular among sports fishermen bringing in their own boats and joining the several fishing contests every summer. Kuusinkijoki river tempts those lusting after the great trouts of Paanajärvi and Pääjärvi lakes in Russia. Kuntivaara fell offers a magnificent view over those lakes as well as Nuorunen fell (577 m).

We have gathered up some more detailed information for you about the Eastern Kuusamo area (locations in alphabetical order):

Hiidenvaara is a gently sloping hill by the road to Kärpänkylä appr. 10 km to the East from Kuusamo town.

Lake Joukamojärvi gets its waters from lake Muojärvi through the river Muojoki, the water level being only one metre lower than that of Lake Muojärvi. The lake is characterized by  a multitude of islands. The area of the lake is over 20 sq. km.

Juurikkavaara  (406m) is a gently sloping forested hill by the road to Vuotunki appr. 15 km from Kuusamo town.

Lake Kiitämä is part of the Kuusinki river water system 252.5 m above sea level with an area of nearly 17.5 sq. km.

Lake Kirpistö is 253 m above sea level, just like the lakes Kuusamojärvi and Muojärvi. Lake Kirpistö is long but relatively narrow and the area is 12.5 sq. km. The Kajavansalmi strait connects it to Lake Muojärvi. Lake Kirpistö drains into two directions: into Lake Muojärvi and Lake Kiitämä.

Kuntivaara is fairly high, 481 m above sea level. It is located near the Eastern border, and from its top one has a breathtaking view to  the fell tops in Salla, Iivaara in Southern Kuusamo and across the Russian border. The slopes of Kuntivaara are fairly steep, but there is a relatively easy access along a path leading to the top from the Eastern side (the length of the path being appr. 2 km). There is a Lappish kota-type shelter on the hilltop for rest and/or shelter. You  can get to Kuntivaara from Kuusamo along Vuotunki road (8690); take the road to Särkiluoma after Jyrkänkoski (before Vuotunki village) and follow the signs for Kuntivaara. 

Lake Kuusamojärvi is 253 m above sea level. It is connected to Lake Muojärvi through the small lake of Välijärvi. Lake Kuusamojärvi is characterized by numerous long and narrow points of land and islands.

The Kuusinkijoki river flows through an impressive wilderness area, in some places the river is flanked by rock walls. In the upper course of the river (southwestern end) there are many shallow stony rapids which downstream change into long quiet waters with some deeper rapids between, some of them fairly long. Among the rapids the following are the biggest: Raatekoski, Paljakankoski, Juumankoski and Porttikorva. There are a lot of shelters especially on the lower course of the river (northeast). You can get to Kuusinkijoki from Kuusamo along Vuotunki road (8690).

Laajusvaara hill (399 m) is to the South of the Kuusinkijoki river, about 1.5 km North of the Vapavaara village. The hill is rather rocky in some places.

Lake Muojärvi´s water level is the same as that of Lake Kuusamojärvi and it drains through lake Joukamojärvi to the Russian Kemijoki river water system. The area of the lake is a little over 59 sq. km.

The Piikstammi sports fishing rapids area is a little less than half a kilometre long and rich in fish. It is located between Lake Muojärvi which drains through Piiksilampi pond and this channel into Lake Joukamojärvi.

Lake Suininki is part of the Kuusinki water system with an area of 22 sq. km.

Varisjoki river connects Lake Suininki and Lake Iso-Kuukasjärvi, an ideal place for sports fishermen