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Joki vaaramaisemassa
The undisturbed peace of nature

In Kuusamo, you find yourself in a genuine, natural environment. The rugged rocks, foaming rapids and smooth waters are all forces of nature, which  - when standing by tumbling rapids - overwhelm you.

Kuusamo is a genuine source of delight for the whole family. Take any nature trail and you will discover a diversity of plants, forest trees and marsh shrubs bearing berries. In late summer, forests are blue with blueberries and marshes yellow with golden cloudberries. In autumn, a hiker sees heaths red with lingonberries. Nature`s palette of colours can be enjoyed along just a short hiking tour.

In Kuusamo, you can loose sight of people, but certainly see animals - a reindeer family passes by, a squirrel peeps from a tree, and Siberian jays and whooper swans add to the diverse birdlife of Kuusamo.  

The Kuusamo landscape will take the visitor back thousands of years, to the time when melt-waters from the ice sheets eroded the ravines, canyons and river beds of the area. Kuusamo belongs to the first dry areas of the post-glacial era and was ready to receive its first inhabitants.

Such a scenery is still to be seen by visitors to Kuusamo today!