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Kuusamo Town

Kuusamo town is situated in the north-eastern part of Finland, the province of Oulu about 800 kilometres from Helsinki. Finnair's daily flights reach Kuusamo in about one hour and the roads leading to the area are in excellent condition.

Kuusamo is known for its natural beauty. Fells and forests reach as far as the eye can see, a wilderness split by lakes, rivers and rapids. An abundance of snow is guaranteed - normally at least a metre - and it remains sparkling white throughout the season starting from end of October until May.

Over the years Kuusamo and Ruka have developed into one of the most popular all-year tourist resorts in Finland.

The White and Green Adventure -

Cross-country Skiing
The Kuusamo scenery is famous for its unique beauty. In winter, the best way of enjoying the splendid views is to take a cross-country skiing trip. More information about cross-country skiing in Kuusamo

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